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Dear $firstname,

Thank you for creating a Cranio Enterprise+ account! We look forward to providing your organization with the best facial recognition and analysis solutions that money can buy -- and we hope you'll recommend us to your friends!

But before we kick off the training wheels, please take a moment to help us refine our algorithms, in order to better suit your needs...

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...yeah, this is a bit of a mixed experience. Neat concept, I'd argue the execution isn't that good, rather hamfisted, with hyperlinks strewn about to sensationalist news articles and with a political bend that seems forced, almost bordering on conspiracy theory but thankfully remaining in the realm of the reasonable.

I recommend to play it, but only to figure out if it's for you.

Not sure what the point of that was. I was expecting some sort of outcome with results of how discriminatory my algorithm would be or something. Feels like a precursor to some sort of surveillance state simulator.


I was about to write "nice game, man!". But the word "nice" feels weird. It's a reflexive experience that makes you look at how you see and code signs and faces. Made me feel awkward and lost a few times whether I put what I feel was right against what I've learned was "right". Anyway, it's awesome that you could dig this experience using only Twine. Show the power of your words on this platform. Congratulations on the experience you created.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you "enjoyed" it!


I did not help the AI

what is this about

You help train a facial recognition AI, by sorting and categorizing pictures of people's faces. Takes about 10-15 minutes to play.

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Deleting this comment for spoiler reasons :) Nothing personal!